Wildlife Hedgerow Pack

Wildlife Hedgerow Pack

Pre-order bare root plants now for winter planting

Packs starting from: £41.57 excluding VAT

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Packs starting from: £41.57 excluding VAT

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Please note that there is a minimum order value of £10.00 + VAT, excluding delivery.


Delivery to UK mainland is just £5.95 inc. VAT (subject to postcode surcharges), regardless of the number of items purchased.


This is a simple way to buy your hedging, plus you will benefit from a 5% saving as opposed to purchasing these items separately AND now with FREE ROOTGROW.

The wildlife hedgerow pack is made up predominantly of Hawthorn, alongside the addition of a variety of mixed native species to add colour and interest to your hedgerow whilst providing the perfect habitat to attract wildlife and insects.

Each pack contains plants and Rootgrow. Protection, in the form of spiral guards & bamboo canes, can be purchased as part of the pack too.

Each pack consists of:

  • 70% 30-50cm 1+0 Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) plants.
  • 30% mixed species to include Blackthorn, Field Maple, Hazel, Dogwood and Dog Rose.
  • Enough Rootgrow to adequately cover the number of plants.

N.B. The mixed species may vary due to availability and could be substituted for other suitable native bare root species such as Spindleberry, Guelder Rose and Buckthorn.

Plants with protection also include:

  • Spiral guards (60cm x 38mm diameter).
  • Supporting bamboo canes (90cm x 12/14lbs).

The pack is available in quantities of:

  • 50 plants (which, if planting 5 to the metre, gives you 10 metres of hedging).
  • 100 plants (giving you approx. 20 metres of hedging).
  • 250 plants (giving you approx. 50 metres of hedging).
  • 500 plants (giving you approx. 100 metres of hedging).

Planting & guidance

It is personal preference of how to mix the species within this hedge. You can either plant the mixed species in blocks to create more impact for that particular species or alternatively mix them up to create a more natural effect.

We recommend that the hedgerow is planted in a double staggered row at five plants per metre as an average; however you can still plant at four or six per metre. The distance between the rows being approx. 30cm.

Once the Hawthorn and mixed species are planted, insert the cane into the ground and then place the spiral guard over the plant and cane. The only reason for the cane is to hold the spiral in place as this will not be supported by the plant.


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