Weed Control Fabric

Weed Control Fabric

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Weed control fabric is ideal for use at the base of new hedgerow planting as a weed suppressant, and is especially important where no plant protection is being used as you are unable to spray the base of the plants without guards. The weed control fabric is water permeable.

The fabric thickness is 50gsm.

The 1m x 50m and 1m x 100m sizes are our best sellers for hedging.

Details & usage

The weed control fabric should be secured with plastic or metal pegs at 1m spacings to the edge of the fabric.

The weed control fabric is ideal for laying ornamental bark on top of to provide a decorative finish. If, however, you wish to lay gravel on top, we suggest you consider purchasing the stronger ground cover matting.



Will granule fertiliser dissolve through the fabric
Planting guide
Suitability for growing soft fruit and gsm of fabric
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