Tubex Combitubes

Tubex Combitubes

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75cm  73-105mm  5.28 2.03 1.76 1.55 1.39 1.26 1.15 1.06
1.20m  73-105mm  7.20 2.77 2.40 2.12 1.89 1.71 1.57 1.44
1.20m  80-120mm  8.80 3.38 2.93 2.59 2.32 2.10 1.91 1.76
1.50m  80-120mm  10.00 3.85 3.33 2.94 2.63 2.38 2.17 2.00
1.80m  80-120mm  12.64 4.86 4.21 3.72 3.33 3.01 2.75 2.53
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Tubex Combitubes are the ideal plant protection product for more exposed sites. Comprising a solid base to offer an improved micro-climate for speedy establishment, the Combitube has a ventilated upper section to allow plants to acclimatise to external conditions before emerging from the shelter, which improves both trunk and root development.

Tubex Combitubes are fixed to the ground by using a stake as demonstrated in the picture. They are not included and need to be purchased seperataly.

Details & usage

Combitube Height

Stake Required*

Protection Against



Hare, Rabbit, Vole


1.20m or 1.35m

Roe Deer/Muntjac



Fallow Deer

*It is advisible to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.

The above table clarifies what size Combitube and therefore matching stake you would need to order for the relevant pest proctection.

The Combitube needs fixing to a stake as shown in the picture, the stake needs ordering seperately as it does not come with the Combitube.

The twin wall, cylindrical construction of the Combitube offers superb strength to weight ratio, whilst strengthening rods at the stake area prevent the shelter from tearing. Pre-fitted releasable ties provide quick installation and maintenance.

Tubex Combitubes have a flared rim to minimise stem abrasion and also feature a laser-line that will split to avoid strangulation as the plant grows.

Produced from environmentally harmless polypropylene, Combitubes are UV stabilised to provide between 5 and 7 years of plant protection, the length of which is dictated by site and conditions.



Choosing right height for Deer
Choosing right height

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