Square Sawn Tree Stakes

Square Sawn Tree Stakes

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Height Diameter Source 1+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ Qty
75cm  25mm x 25mm  Imported  2.00 1.00 0.67 0.50 0.40 0.33 0.29
75cm  32mm x 32mm  Imported  1.55 1.03 0.78 0.62 0.52 0.44 0.39
90cm  25mm x 25mm  Imported  2.30 1.15 0.77 0.58 0.46 0.38 0.33
90cm  32mm x 32mm  Imported  1.90 1.27 0.95 0.76 0.63 0.54 0.48
1.20m  32mm x 32mm  Imported  2.50 1.67 1.25 1.00 0.83 0.71 0.63
1.35m  32mm x 32mm  Imported  2.90 1.93 1.45 1.16 0.97 0.83 0.73
1.50m  32mm x 32mm  Imported  3.50 2.33 1.75 1.40 1.17 1.00 0.88
1.80m  32mm x 32mm  Imported  4.93 2.96 2.11 1.64 1.35 1.14 0.99
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Minimum Order Value

Please note that there is a minimum order value of £10.00 + VAT, excluding delivery.


Delivery to UK mainland is just £5.95 inc. VAT (subject to postcode surcharges), regardless of the number of items purchased.


Square sawn stakes are required to support Tubex shrub shelters, Tubex tree tubes, Tubex Ecostarts and mesh guard roll.

All of our square sawn stakes are manufactured from quality softwood timber and are pointed for easier ground entry with the use of a hammer. Each stake is pressure treated for longevity.


You will find that you get a year or two longer out of the 32mm² stakes, as opposed to the 25mm² stakes. If, however, you are planting on an exposed site, we will always recommend making use of the 32mm² stakes.

Given that timber stakes are a natural product, it is worth allowing for a small percentage of breakages that may occur upon installation. As such, we advise purchasing slightly more than the required number.

Stake Height

Recommended For Use With*


60cm Tubex tree shelters & Tubex Ecostarts


75cm Tubex tree shelters & Tubex Ecostarts


1.20m Tubex tree shelters


1.20m Tubex tree shelters


1.50m Tubex tree shelters

*N.B. It is advisible to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.


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