Weed Suppressant Matting

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  • Weed Control Mats

    Weed Control Mats

    Individual pre-cut weed mats will suppress competition to young trees and help to retain moisture at the base of the plant...

  • Weed Control Fabric

    Weed Control Fabric

    Weed control fabric is ideal for use at the base of new hedgerow planting as a weed suppressant...

  • Degradable Weed Mats

    Degradable Weed Mats

    We offer degradable weed mats to help suppress competing weed growth in an environmentally friendly manner...

  • Degradable Weed Mat Rolls

    Degradable Weed Mat Rolls

    Our degradable weed mat roll is made from 98% natural jute and wood fibres, with a woven polypropylene backing...

  • Ground Cover Matting

    Ground Cover Matting

    Ground cover matting is a stronger alternative to weed control fabric for use at the base of hedgerows as a weed suppressant...

  • Fixing Accessories

    Fixing Accessories

    Plastic pegs and metal J pegs are required when laying weed control fabric and ground cover matting...

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6 Item(s)