Tubex Tree & Shrub Shelters

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  • Tubex Tree Shelters

    Tubex Tree Shelters

    Tubex tree shelters are the most popular option for plant protection...

  • Tubex Shrub Shelters

    Tubex Shrub Shelters

    Tubex shrub shelters provide protection from herbicide during spraying, whilst also preventing against animal damage...

  • Tubex Ecostarts

    Tubex Ecostarts

    Tubex Ecostarts are the most economical solution for rapid hedgerow and woodland establishment...

  • Tubex Combitubes

    Tubex Combitubes

    Tubex Combitubes are the ideal plant protection product for more exposed sites...

  • Tubex Easywraps

    Tubex Easywraps

    Tubex Easywraps provide a microclimate conducive to better growth and survival rates...

  • Tubex Fruitwraps

    Tubex Fruitwraps

    Tubex Fruitwraps can be neatly & quickly wrapped around a small whip plant, with room for expansion as the plant grows...

  • Tubex Vole Guards

    Tubex Vole Guards

    Tubex Vole Guards are designed to protect young trees from damage by both voles and mice...

  • Premium Strimmer Guards

    Premium Strimmer Guards

    Premium strimmer guards are a robust tree guard, designed to deflect the cord of mechanical strimmers...

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8 Item(s)