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Grown in Britain 2018 : Celebrate trees, forests and planting

13 September 2018 No comments
Grown in BritainWhere will YOU be between 8-14 October 2018? We'll be firmly behind the Grown in Britain celebrations, encouraging tree planting, forest walks and celebrations of the Great British woodland, timber and forestry industries.

This year (like every other) we'll be heralding the growing, sourcing and planting of trees and hedging from British reputable growers and suppliers. It's just as important a consideration for your own gardens as it is for forestry, woodland, farming and landowners.

The Trees and Hedging team are always keen supporters of the Grown in Britain initiative. It brings together everyone who values our forests, woods and trees and their wood products.

The Grown in Britain campaign is driven by the work of Confor, a body responsible for promoting forestry and wood. The Grown in Britain team work with partners within the Forestry Commission and industry, as well as national government organisations.

6 ways to get involved

  1. Sponsor a Woodland
  2. Go for a forest walk - visits to woodlands for running, cycling, climbing and playing accounts for more than £484m each year
  3. Donate to the Grown in Britain campaign
  4. Choose British-made products made from British-sourced timber: Grown in Britain now has over 90 licence holders covering a wide range of products, from construction timbers to Christmas Trees, bespoke furniture and wood-fuels.
  5. Become a Supporting Partner: The campaign is supported by a number of organisations who promote the cause - you *might* spot our friends at British Hardwood Tree Nursery amongst them!
  6. Get planting - if you're inspired to get planting in Grown in Britain Week, you could pre-order bare-root plants now for November delivery.

Planting Trees and Hedging

The bigger picture is that planting trees and hedging in our gardens, landscapes and UK woodlands brings benefits to the environment, the population and the economy. Not only does it create natural havens for wildlife, it creates beautiful hedgerows and gardens and healthy outdoor places to visit and explore. Add to that all the home-grown timber and forestry products to meet home-grown demand and you can see why the Grown in Britain campaign is close to our hearts - and should be to yours!


There are a whole host of organisations where you can get advice and support if you're considering creating or managing woodlands in the UK....or easier still - get planting in your own gardens!

Want to get directly involved by sponsoring woodlands? Find out more from Grown in Britain - it's bursting with inspiration.

Support for Grown in Britain