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Hooray for Hawthorn: One of the nation's favourite hedging choices

4 February 2019 No comments
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We know the humble Hawthorn as the go-to option for hedging because of its hardiness, versatility, density and seasonal interest, but let’s dig deeper into all things Hawthorn, Quickthorn, Crataegus monogyna, may and hawberry.

Plant a prickly hedge: Nature's best defence against garden crime

2 January 2019 No comments

Choose Prickly Security Hedgerow Pack

There’s no escaping it. Garden crime is on the increase, with thieves targeting rear gardens, sheds, garden furniture, features and even plants themselves. It’s time to tackle the thorny issue and fight back – nature has the best defence against garden crime: PLANT A PRICKLY HEDGE.

The Twelve Days of Hedging

6 December 2018 No comments
Twelve Days of Hedging

A year in the life of your newly-planted hedgerow brings seasonal changes in foliage, flower, berry and the insects and animals that visit for shelter, food and sustenance. With a little festive spirit, we've summarised your trees and hedging journey this year into...The 12 Days of Hedging!

A brief history of hedgerows

16 October 2018 No comments

From Bronze Age farmers clearing woodland for fields, leaving woody strips as boundaries, to the creation of enriched natural wildlife corridors around new residential and commercial developments in the 21st Century, there's no denying - the humble hedgerow is an integral part of the UK countryside. And nothing beats seeing that familiar checkerboard pattern from the air when you fly back in from your holidays, does it?!

Grown in Britain 2018 : Celebrate trees, forests and planting

13 September 2018 No comments
Grown in BritainWhere will YOU be between 8-14 October 2018? We'll be firmly behind the Grown in Britain celebrations, encouraging tree planting, forest walks and celebrations of the Great British woodland, timber and forestry industries.

This year (like every other) we'll be heralding the growing, sourcing and planting of trees and hedging from British reputable growers and suppliers. It's just as important a consideration for your own gardens as it is for forestry, woodland, farming and landowners.