Machine Rounded Stakes

Machine Rounded Stakes

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Height Diameter 1+ 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ Qty
1.20m  50mm  4.00 2.40 2.00 1.71 1.50
1.20m  60mm  5.53 3.32 2.77 2.37 2.08
1.50m  50mm  5.00 3.00 2.50 2.14 1.88
1.50m  60mm  6.93 4.16 3.47 2.97 2.60
1.65m  60mm  - 5.65 4.52 3.77 3.23
1.65m  75mm  - 8.25 6.60 5.50 4.71
1.80m  60mm  - 6.10 4.88 4.07 3.49
1.80m  75mm  - 9.00 7.20 6.00 5.14
2.40m  75mm  - 11.75 9.40 7.83 6.71
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Delivery to UK mainland is just £5.95 inc. VAT (subject to postcode surcharges), regardless of the number of items purchased.


Our machine rounded stakes are pressure treated, pointed at one end and chamfered at the other, giving you the assurance of both longevity and a quality finish.

We offer machine rounded stakes in five heights, ranging from 1.2m to 2.4m. Tree ties are required to secure the tree to the stake.

Machine rounded stakes are suitable for the support of feathered and standard trees.


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