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Weed Control Matting
Weed Mats

Weed Mats

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Individual pre-cut weed mats are great for suppressing competition to young trees and helping to retain moisture at the base of the plant. They are pervious, they will let water through, but at a slow rate.

Manufactured from woven polypropylene at 100gsm, the weed mats come with a slit from the centre to one edge, meaning that installation consists of simply wrapping the mat around the plant and securing with six pegs (sold seperately); one for each corner, and one for each side of the slit.

We recommend the Plastic Pegs 15cm to compliment this product. See the link to the right of this page

Weed mats are essential to suppress weeds when you are unable to spray the base of the plants. Generally, the polypropylene weed mats have a lifespan of around five years, which is more than enough time for a tree to become established

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I am not sure what size mat I need for quince trees sold in 12 litre pots


Thank you for your enquiry.

I would go for the 100cmx100cm woven mat and 5 pegs per mat.

Hope this helps.

The Trees and Hedging Taam. 

Are the pegs for the weed mats provided or is this an extra?

Thank you for your question

The pegs are sold seperately, we normally recommend the Plastic 15cm Pegs and they are sold in packs of 10

Regards the Trees and Hedging Team

can i use the weed mat in a flower bed

Hello Mr Whitton

Thank you for your question. We don't see any reason why you should not use the Weed Mat on a flower bed as long as you understand that it comes in a square, has a slit from the centre to one edge so that it is easy to wrap the mat around the plant and that it requires fixing to the ground - we sell fixing pegs too (plastic and metal pegs - the metal ones are better if you have stoney ground).

In the main it is designed as a weed suppressant, it's just these mats are in a square which is ideal for allowing a young tree/plant for becoming established rather than being over run with weeds. 

Hope that helps

Regards the Trees and Hedging Team

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