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We couldn't help but notice...

We couldn't help but notice...

We're very grateful for your order with us and we are busy processing it now for you. We couldn't help but notice that your order contains plants but doesn't include accessories (such as plant protection, weed control, etc.).

It would be very helpful if you could let us know which of the following statements best describes your decision not to purchase accessories with your order on this occasion by filling out the form below.

In hindsight, if you wish to purchase accessories for your plants, we will gladly add these to your order.

May we take a moment to thank you for your time.

Did you know?

It is essential when planting bareroot stock to protect plants from rabbit, hare and deer damage. If there is a risk posed, it can be considered false economy to plant without protection in the hope that your plants are not damaged.

Also, weed competition to the base of plants must be eradicated during the first three growing seasons. This can be achieved by chemical means or by hand weeding. If you have protection on the plants, you can safely spray the base to kill off weeds and grasses, without risk of chemical touching the plants.