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Turf Reinforcement Mesh
Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Turf Reinforcement Mesh

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Our turf reinforcement mesh is designed to protect heavily used grass areas from turf damage.

We offer two weights of mesh; a standard 450gsm mesh that will prevent damage caused by pedestrians, and a premium 650gsm mesh to prevent damage from vehicle traffic.

The turf reinforcement mesh can be laid and removed for short term events, or can offer long term protection if left in place.

The turf reinforcement mesh should be fixed in place with metal U-pins at 1m intervals.

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Can this mesh be cut to size, by me, for smaller areas?

Thank you for your question.

The mesh can indeed be cut to size; you would need something more substantial than a 'standard' pair of scissors to do this due to the thickness of the mesh; for example: industrial grade scissors, secateurs or tin snips.

We hope that helps.

The Trees & Hedging team.

Can this mesh be used in gateways to prevent poaching by horses/cows?

Thank you for your question

If you are intending to use this in a similar way to a cattle grid to keep animals out then, no it’s not the right product.  

It is only designed to protect the ground from people/cars.  

Hope that helps you

Regards the Trees and Hedging Team

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