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Tubex Tree Protection
Tubex Vole Guards

Tubex Vole Guards

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Tubex Vole Guards are designed to protect young trees from damage by both voles and mice.

Comprising a tightly rolled plastic cylinder and split vertically, the vole guards hold their shape and retain sufficient overlap to allow the guards to expand as the tree develops.

The Vole Guards are simply pulled open to fit around young trees – push the guard into the soil slightly to create an effective barrier against vole and mice damage. The Vole Guards can be used for a wide range of planting stock and site conditions, but are well suited for use in overgrown conditions, where voles are found.

Tubex Vole Guards are manufactured from environmentally harmless polypropylene, with a high gauge, single-wall construction and rigid design that provides an impressive strength to weight ratio.

Guard Height Protection Against
20cm Mice, Vole

If you order more than one guard you may find they are sent wrapped inside each other, they will need to be seperated prior to fitting.

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