Tubex Treeguard Mesh Cut Pieces

Tubex Treeguard Mesh Cut Pieces

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Tubex treeguard mesh cut pieces are flat packed sheets which can be formed into mesh tubes on site to protect plants from browsing animals.

Available in various diameters to suit specific applications, the mesh tubes should be formed with cable ties and a square sawn tree stake.

The flat pack nature of the guards allow for more economical logistics, along with there being a degree of flexibility to alter the diameter of the formed guard.

We offer Tubex treeguard mesh cut pieces with a height of 60cm with diameters of 14cm and 20cm, a 75cm tall guard with a 20cm diameter, and a taller guard at 1.20m with a diameter of 9cm and 20cm.

Cable ties need to be purchased separately for treeguard mesh cut pieces.

Details & usage

Mesh Height

Stake Required*

Protection Against



Vole, Rabbit





1.20m or 1.35m

Roe Deer/Muntjac

*It is advisible to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.


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