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Tubex Tree Protection
Tubex Tree Shelters

Tubex Tree Shelters

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Tubex tree shelters are the most popular option for plant protection. The tubes provide plants with an improved microclimate to give them the best possible start, whilst encouraging enhanced growth and increasing survival rates. These are perfect for the bare rooted plants that we sell.

Tree Shelter Height Stake Required* Protection Against
60cm 75cm Vole, Rabbit
75cm 90cm Hare
1.20m 1.20m or 1.35m Roe Deer/Muntjac
1.50m 1.50m Fallow Deer

*It is advisible to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.

Tubex Tree Shelters offer protection against animal damage and will also ensure that herbicide does not come into contact with plants during spraying.

The shelters themselves consist of a twin-wall construction, with a flared rim to help reduce abrasion. Pre-fitted, releasable ratchet ties make installation easy, and the use of Tubex laserline will allow the tree to break free.

Whilst Tubex Tree Shelters are a slightly more expensive form of plant protection upfront, the longevity of the tubes and their firm, rigid nature, will provide evident benefits and reduced costs in the long run. Tubex Tree Shelters with square sawn stakes will stand true and firm against young trees that become top heavy and will continue to support their growth.


When purchasing a single tube, it will be selected from a multiple pack (as demonstrated to the left; image for illustration purposes only), ranging from diameters of 73-105mm and 80-120mm. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the diameter of the selected tube.

If you order more than one tube you may find they are sent wrapped inside each other, they will need to be seperated from one another prior to fitting.

We offer these Tubex Tree Shelters in a range of heights, from 60cm up to 1.8m.

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I am unclear as to what is meant when you indicate a diameter: 73-105mm. Do the tubes expand between those sizes or can one order sizes within that range?

Thank you for your question regarding the Tubex tree tubes.

The tree tubes are supplied in nests of 5, ranging from the smallest to the largest diameter as listed. In other words there are 5 tubes of differing diameter included within the nest of 5. The smallest diameter is 73mm and the largest diameter is 105mm. Obviously the tubes within each nest need to be seperated out before you start using each tube.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to supply you with all of the one size (i.e. same sized diameter) and the reason they are sold like this is because generally when using these you will find the diameter span of the plants differ frequently and this allows for the wider tube to be used on the bushier plant.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to let us know. We'll be more than happy to help.

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