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Tubex Tree Protection
Tubex Shrub Shelters

Tubex Shrub Shelters

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Tubex Shrub Shelters provide the perfect growing environment for young plants, whilst preventing against damage by voles, rabbits and hares for increased survival rates. The shrub shelters also offer protection from herbicide during spraying.

They are constructed with a durable twin-wall and are pre-fitted with releasable rachet ties and Tubex laserline, which allows the tree to break free. A flared rim also minimises stem abrasion.

Shrub Shelters offer more space for plants to develop – preferred by bushier plants such as Laurel, Hazel, Dogwood and Holly.

The choice of Shrub Shelter depends entirely on the wildlife present; for protection against voles and rabbits, we recommend the 60cm Shrub Shelters. Where there is a risk of hares damaging the plants, opt for the 75cm Shrub Shelters.

Shrub Shelters should be well anchored with a square sawn stake, which should be knocked into the ground with a hammer to, at least, a third of the height of the stake. It is important to ensure that the stake is below the flared rim at the top of the shelter.

When purchasing a single Shrub Shelter, it will be selected from a multiple pack, ranging from diameters of 130-160mm and 144-200mm. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the diameter of the selected shelter.

If you order more than one Tubex Shrub Shelter you may find they are sent wrapped inside each other, they will need to be seperated from one another prior to fitting.

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Why is the diameter expressed as a range e.g 130-160mm? Are they wider at the top?

Thank you for your question

The diameter of a Tubex Shrub Shelter ranges from 130mms to 160mms. This is because they are packed one in side the other as a space saving mechanism.

If you ordered a single Shrub Shelter you would not be able to choose the diameter width within that range, but at least you would know that it would have a mininum diameter of 130mms upto a maximum diameter of 160mms.

If you order in quantities of 10 plus you would receive a mix of the diameter range as they are usually packed in bundles of 4

We hope this helps

Many thanks

The Trees and Hedging Team

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