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Mesh Tree Guards
Tubex Shelterguard Mesh Tubes

Tubex Shelterguard Mesh Tubes

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Details & Usage

Tubex Shelterguard Mesh Tubes provide a sheltered environment to encourage early growth, whilst protecting against browsing animals. The shelterguard mesh tubes are manufactured from recycled plastic mesh with a 12mm mesh aperture, and a clear polythene film lining that creates a micro-climatic environment for plants.

The clear polythene film provides added protection from wind and herbicide spray, and allows light to penetrate, acting like a greenhouse to encourage early tree growth.

Tubex Shelterguard Mesh Tubes will photo-degrade in two stages. The polythene film lining will degrade after approximately three growing seasons, to leave the free draining mesh tube to continue to protect against animal browsing and offer support to the plant. The shelterguard mesh tube will photo-degrade after five to seven years, as the stem of the tree expands.

The Shelterguard Mesh Tubes have a moulded top lip to prevent abrasion of the tree stem and a staggered weld line, to help with the drainage of water from inside the tube.

Tree Tube Height Stake Required* Protection Against
60cm 75cm Vole, Rabbit
75cm 90cm Hare
1.20m 1.20m or 1.35m Roe Deer/Muntjac
1.50m 1.50m Fallow Deer

*It is advisible to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.


When purchasing a single tube, it will be selected from a multiple pack (as demonstrated to the left; image for illustration purposes only), ranging from diameters of 80-110mm. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the diameter of the selected tube.

If you order more than one tube you may find they are sent wrapped inside each other, they will need to be seperated from one another prior to fitting. The tubes also come with pre-fitted ties, for easy installation to square sawn tree stakes.

We offer these Tubex Shelterguard Mesh Tubes in a range of heights, from 60cm up to 1.8m.

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