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Mesh Tree Guards
Tubex Sentree 3 Treeguard Mesh Roll

Tubex Sentree 3 Treeguard Mesh Roll

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Manufactured from recycled plastic, Tubex’s Sentree 3 treeguard is a heavy duty mesh roll, designed for protecting trees and shrubs from animal browsing.

Black in colour and supplied on a 50m roll, the Sentree 3 can be cut on site to form guards of any diameter and with a fixed height of 1m.

The mesh size is 45mm x 25mm.

The Sentree 3 allows the plant to grow in its natural climate, without inhibiting sunlight or rainfall.

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Will Sentree 3 provide protection against rabbits, hares and roe deer/muntjac? Presumably fastened in same way as mesh guard cut pieces?

Good afternoon,

Sentree 3 will provide protection against rabbits/hares but not deer/muntjac. 

For this we would recommend the 1.2m mesh guard roll.

Many thanks.

The Trees and Hedging Team. 

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