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Tubex Tree Protection
Tubex Fruitwraps

Tubex Fruitwraps

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Tubex Fruitwraps consist of a twin-walled tube that has been split vertically to produce a natural overlap, meaning that the Fruitwrap can be neatly & quickly wrapped around a small whip plant, with room for expansion as the plant grows. The Fruitwraps accelerate growth, improve survival rates and offer protection against browsing and herbicide.

Paired with a bamboo cane for support, the Fruitwrap can be simply dropped over the plant; ideally suited for slender plants that have a dominant single stem. As the name suggests, Tubex Fruitwraps are suited to fruit and olive tree applications.

UV stabilised, the Fruitwraps have an estimated lifespan of 3 years (although they can offer protection beyond this period, depending on site conditions).

Fruitwrap Height Cane Required Protection Against
60cm 90cm Vole, Rabbit
75cm 90cm Hare


When purchasing a single Fruitwrap, it will be selected from a multiple pack (as demonstrated to the left; image for illustration purposes only), ranging from diameters of 65-80mm. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the diameter of the selected Fruitwrap.

If you order more than one Fruitwrap you may find they are sent wrapped inside each other, they will need to be seperated from one another prior to fitting.

The Tubex Fruitwraps are available in 60cm and 75cm heights.

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Are the tubex fruitwraps suitable for growing vines in

Good morning,

Thank you for your question.

Yes, Fruitwraps would be ideal for this application.

Thank you again.

The Trees and Hedging Team. 

Can the tubex fruit wrap be cut down to shorter lengths?

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your questiion.

Yes, the Fruitwrap can be cut to length, I would suggest a stanley knife or similar. 

Kind regards,

The Trees and Hedging Team. 

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