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Mesh Tree Guards
Tubex Flat Packed Treeguard Mesh Guards

Tubex Flat Packed Treeguard Mesh Guards

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Tubex flat packed mesh guards are plastic mesh tubes that have been flattened and can be easily re-formed to form a tree tube guard on site, providing logistical benefits.

The mesh guard is simply opened up and should be supported by either two bamboo canes or a stake.

The pre-formed nature of the tube means that there is no requirement for joining or stapling, which is necessary when using a mesh roll or cut pieces.

We offer flat packed mesh guards with a height of 60cm, 75cm and 1.20m, with diameters of 15cm and 20cm available for the 60cm and 1.20m guards, and 15cm diameter for the 1.20m guards.

Guard Height Stake Required* Protection Against
60cm 75cm Vole, Rabbit
75cm 90cm Hare
1.20m 1.20m or 1.35m Roe Deer/Muntjac

*It is advisible to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.

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if the mesh guard is pre-formed (ie can't be 'opened out'?) how is it positioned over a sapling? I have silver birch - pot grown - which are now 1.5m high and root balls 25-30cm dia which are to be planted out in a village recreation area as 'family memorials'. Looking for appropriate protection against rabbits/deer etc. The planting locations are in fairly rough boundary strips to what has been mown field so weed suppressing matting would also be useful. any advice much appreciated.

Thank you for your enquiry. We have the following advice for you:-

Any pre-formed guard would not go over the top of an established tree with side branching, so a cut mesh guard would be required at 1.20m high to protect against deer & rabbits;

 Cable ties would be required to secure;

 For weed mats I would recommend the following;

 With fixing pegs;

 We hope this helps you

Kind Regards,

The Trees and Hedging Team

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