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Spiral Guards & Canes

Spiral Guards & Canes

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Details & Usage

Take advantage of considerable savings by buying spiral guards and canes in a pack.

Purchasing your plant protection in our ready-made packs not only makes the process easier, but it also allows you to take advantage of great savings as opposed to buying them separately.

The spiral guards and canes pack has three purchasing options:

1) 60cm x 38mm diameter spiral guards and 90cm canes.
2) 60cm x 50mm diameter spiral guards and 90cm canes.
3) 75cm x 50mm diameter spiral guards and 90cm canes.

Spiral Guards
Spiral guards are an economical method of plant protection and are perfect for use with young, slender hedgerow plants. Whilst offering protection from damage caused by rabbits, the clear walls of the spiral provides an ideal microclimate for young plants; stimulating growth and ensuring that they get off to a good, thriving start.

Spiral guards are manufactured from recycled P.V.C and offer a life expectancy of over 4 years, which is sufficient time to get most young trees and hedgerow plants established.

The base of plants should be sprayed to suppress weeds and reduce competition for nutrients. Spiral guards help with the process as they prevent herbicide from contact with the plants within.

Bamboo Canes
Bamboo canes are required for supporting spiral guards.

The bamboo canes are graded in weight per 100 canes. The 12/14lbs cane that we supply is very sturdy. Whilst there are lighter and cheaper bamboo canes available, we recommend that you use this weight of cane. 

Fitting spiral guards as part of the planting process is easy. Firstly, plant your plant in the desired location. Push a cane into the ground next to the plant, and simply slot the spiral guard over both the plant and the cane. Spiral guards can be removed from plants – subject to growth – after 3-5 years, once they are established.

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