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What size plants should I choose?

What size plants should I choose?

What size plants should I choose?

To help you decide whether you need smaller or taller plants, consider the following:

Is cost or the instant effect of my scheme the most important?

Typically smaller plants are cheaper than taller ones but a taller plant may suit your planting scheme better.

Where will they be planted?

Smaller plants tend to settle in and establish better than taller varieties, so the risk of natural failure is reduced.  If you’re planting a hedge or trees in an area where it will be difficult to keep plants watered and weed-free for their first two growing seasons, choose smaller plants.

Do I want a dense or looser hedge?

If you want a bushier hedge from the ground up, always choose young, small plants.  For a looser effect with a clearer hedge base, go for taller plants.

Am I adding to an existing hedge?

Smaller hedge plants generally catch up with taller ones over a period of years.