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National Tree Week

National Tree Week

"It's vital to keep planting new stock to ensure a greener future for tomorrow’s generations". 

NATIONAL  TREE  WEEK  -  23rd November 2013 - 1st DECEMBER  2013

The Tree Council says that each year the UK’s “green lungs” are lost to new tree diseases or because of drought, excess rainfall or the impact of new developments, so it is vital to keep planting new stock to ensure a greener future for tomorrow’s generations.

BUSINESSES, schools, organisations and individuals are being encouraged to make their mark on the landscape, by planting trees for the future.

National Tree Week, which is masterminded by The Tree Council, runs from 23rd November 2013 to 1st December 2013, and it offers everyone a fantastic opportunity to improve their own environment or make a difference within their community. 

This special week is not only the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, it also marks the start of the winter tree planting season.

Each year the Council’s member organisations, which include voluntary bodies, hundreds of schools and community groups, and its 8,000 tree wardens support the initiative by setting up worthwhile, fun events.

These typically inspire more than a quarter of a million people to get together and plant around a million trees. The Tree Council has lots of useful tips for groups wishing to organise their own 2013 events and people who do are urged to register them on the Council’s website, so that others can go along and get involved!

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