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Mesh Tree Guards
Galvanised Mesh Guards

Galvanised Mesh Guards

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Preformed galvanised mesh guards are a popular form of protection against grazing stock or for use in the urban environment.

All weld mesh guards are manufactured from 12 gauge wire with a 25 x 75mm grid size.

To use, secure the mesh guard to a machine rounded posts with staples.

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Is the mesh strong enough to withstand deer?

Thank you for your question. Yes it is designed to withstand deer, but please consider which height to choose based on which deer you are protecting against. 

There is additional advice within our plant pages - if you choose any plant page, for example Green Beech, and click on the Plant Protection tab you will find more advice there

Hope that helps. Regards the Trees and Hedging Team

Probably a silly question, but do these guards open down one side so you can get them round the tree when planted? Yours Lynn

Thank you for your question, which is very valid - our Galvanised Mesh Guards do open down one side and are flexible enough to open around the tree and then re-form to shape.

Hope that helps, regards the Trees and Hedging Team

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