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Weed Control Matting
Fixing Accessories

Fixing Accessories

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Pegs and staples are required when laying weed control fabric, weed control mats, ground cover matting and turf reinforcement mesh.

We offer a range of biodegradable and non-biodegradable pegs.

Plastic pegs are preferred for use with weed control fabric, whilst the heavy duty metal J pegs and staples are to be used with ground cover matting, and are also ideal for use in stony and hard ground.

The metal U-pins are to be used when laying turf reinforcement mesh.

The wooden anchoring pegs are fully biodegradable and should be used with our biodegradable weed mats. When installing, these should be inserted into the ground at a slight angle, to better secure the weed mat.

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I have purchased some 100mx1m rolls of weed matting, what is the recommended peg spacing?

Thank you for your question, we recommend that you secure the matting with the pegs at 1 metre spacings to the edge of the fabric

Hope that helps, regards the Trees and Hedging Team

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