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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who do you sell to?

    • Private individuals and homeowners
    • Farmers, Land and Estate owners
    • Council and other Government Bodies
    • Schools and Colleges
    • Charitable Organisations
    • Environmental Groups
    • Landscapers
    • Forestry Contractors
    • Builders and Construction
    • Excavation and Landfill
    • Golf Clubs
    • and many more…
  2. Where are you based and how long have you been established?

    We are based in the village of Snitterby, North Lincolnshire and have been selling trees and hedging since 1989 through our own wholesale nursery, British Hardwood Tree Nursery Ltd. is our e-commerce platform for all plants and products that are offered through BHT on a wholesale basis.

  3. What is the provenance of your plants?

    We are an approved supplier of UK provenance stock in accordance with the Forest Reproductive Material Regulations (2002) and as such are recognised by the Forestry Commission. Supplier Number S0172.

    Our plants are sold in accordance with the National Plant Specification as prepared by the Horticultural Trades Association.

  4. How do you look after and store your plants at the nursery?

    Following lifting and grading operations, the plants are all root-dipped in a Broadleaf Root Dip and heeled into a compost bed on site for safe storage throughout the winter. From here, orders can be quickly picked and packaged for despatch.

  5. What advice and guidance can you offer to help me choose the correct trees or hedging?

    We have endeavoured to transfer the years of experience and knowledge gained since 1989 onto our web site through the use of detailed and informative plant descriptions, images and filters designed on the back of commonly and regularly asked questions.

    Included are 'Browse by' filters as part of the navigational dropdowns which help categorise the plants should this be required. For example, they include Potential Use, such as woodland or garden trees, field or formal hedging. Additionally you can filter by characteristics, such as autumn interest, fruits and berries and native only. When in a category, you can refine even further by growth rate, height and soil type.

    For more detailed information on how to look after your plants upon receipt, planting and maintenance advice please see our Planting and Maintenance advice notes.

    A pocket sized Plant Welfare Guide for Bare Root Plants is despatched with every order and is also available to download from our website.

    For further information feel free to contact the office between 8am and 5pm on 01673 818046.

  6. What is your plant welfare and loss replacement policy?

    Planting and maintenance advice notes are available on our website and a Plant Welfare Guide for Bare Root Plants is despatched with every order to help you as much as possible.

    Please notify the Company within 7 days of receipt of goods to allow us to address any concerns. Within this time frame the Company is in a position to replace plants if there is good reason to do so. Following that period, the Company cannot be held responsible for the health and welfare of plants.

    The Company cannot be held responsible for losses discovered within your planting scheme during the spring or summer following planting in the winter.

    Why do we implement such a policy?

    We pride ourselves on supplying healthy plants of the highest quality. However, it is not unusual for natural losses to occur following planting, even where good plant husbandry has been upheld, with the risk of losses being slightly higher for bare root stock over and above rootballed or containerised.

    Many factors exist which may have either a ‘positive’ or a ‘negative’ impact on the loss rate experienced, such as the storage and handling of plants upon receipt, the quality of planting, ground conditions, soil type compatibility, rainfall, drought and on-going maintenance. All of which are beyond our control.

    We advise every customer to allow for this potential loss rate and to budget for replacements for two to three years following the initial planting.

    Despatched with every order is our Plant Welfare Guide including what checks to make on receipt of plants, how to look after plants before planting out, as well as how to correctly plant and maintain them. Further, more detailed information can also be sought from our sales team or on our website.

    The guides we offer are not provided as a 100% guarantee for plant success but as a help to reduce any potential loss rate. 

    We will always do our best to look after our customers and offer further advice and guidance as required.


Bare Root Plants:

  1. Why plant bare root plants and what are their advantages?

    1. Investing in bare root, or field grown plants, is a far more cost effective way of purchasing in larger quantities than individually in containers.
    2. Bare root plants weigh less and are easily transportable.
    3. Bare root plants are quicker & easier to plant than those in containers.
    4. Bare root plants are planted when they are dormant during the winter months and require little maintenance during that period.
  2. Are there any disadvantages of bare root plants?

    Not really!

    It is sometimes considered that the loss rate can be slightly higher with bare root plants over the containerised alternative, however assuming the correct plant has been chosen for your land type, they have been looked after well upon receipt, planted correctly and maintained as per our advisory notes then there should be no problem.

  3. When does the season start?

    We have to wait for total dormancy and leaf drop before plants can be lifted, graded and then despatched. As a guide, this is generally from mid-November. Orders containing plants will be despatched from this point onwards.

    Orders can be placed well in advance of our despatch date for those wishing to plan ahead and secure early delivery.

  4. When does the season end?

    Bare root plants should not be transplanted once they start to grow and this very much depends on the timing of spring. As a guide, this is generally from mid-April.


Orders & Delivery:

  1. Do you offer discount codes?

    Yes, periodically through promotions or in some cases individually to secure your order.

    Whilst every effort has been made to keep our rates as competitive as possible, we appreciate there could be an occasion where you may find stock at lower rates, possibly through splitting suppliers say?

    Should this be the case and can justify such is on a like-for-like basis, but would prefer the ease and convenience of purchasing through a ‘one-stop’ shop such as ours, then we may consider offering a discount code to secure your valued order. This code would be valid for one use unless agreed otherwise.

    Please contact the office to discuss further on 01673 818046.

  2. Can you send my products now ‘out of season’, with the plants to follow?

    For orders that contain a mix of bare root plants and planting products, placed out of the planting season, the order will only be despatched in its entirety from the start of the season. We are unable to despatch the products separately with the plants to follow when ready.

    Should you require planting products or garden supplies immediately and before the planting season, then these should be placed as a separate order for despatch within the normal time period.

  3. How are your plants packaged and despatched?

    Once the order has been picked, the plants are then placed into heavy gauge plastic bags and securely tied prior to despatch to ensure the roots remain damp during transport.

    We use a nationally recognised parcel carrier company to deliver our smaller parcels and these may arrive either as a single parcel or multiple parcels for one consignment, dependent upon the nature of your order.

    Larger orders are securely palletised and sent through a national palletline company.

    We do not use our own nursery transport to deliver nationwide.

  4. What bundle numbers are the plants sold in?

    During the grading process, all our plants are bundled either into quantities of 25 or 50, dependent upon the nature and size of the plant.

    Through, we offer our plants in pack sizes ranging from 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and even 1000 for some species.

    Please note these are ‘pack’ sizes and NOT ‘bundle’ sizes. For example, if you order a pack of 250 Hawthorn, you may receive 5 bundles of 50 or 10 bundles of 25 plants.

  5. How long from placing my order should I expect delivery?

    We aim to pick all orders within 24 hours of us receiving your order, Monday to Friday, subject to stock availability. Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.

    Where stock levels are low and have to be replenished, please allow 10-14 days. You will be advised should this be the case.

    Any special instructions on delivery location or preferred date of delivery should be made at the time of placing the order, which can be done as part of the checkout process.


Payment & Cancellation Policy:

  1. When do you take payment if I place my order for plants ‘out of season’?

    Payment is taken at the time of placing your order online. This may result in a time lag between you making payment and the receipt of your plants.

    For example, you may wish to place your order in August to ensure early despatch, however, we would only be able to despatch your plants form mid-November onwards due to the seasonality of our business.

    Should you place your order for plants ‘in season’ between mid-November and mid-April, then the plants would be despatched within the normal time period and no extra time lag would be experienced between making payment and receiving your plants.

  2. What happens if I decide to cancel my order prior to despatch?

    Cancelling My Order WITHIN 7 days of placing the order - For those wishing to cancel an order prior to despatch, a full refund can be made if it is within the 7 days of placing your order. You need to inform us on email or fax and we shall arrange for the order to be cancelled and the monies refunded in full - / 01673 818046

    Cancelling My Order AFTER the 7 days of placing the order  - You are entitled to cancel your order after the 7 days, however we do have to advise you that at this point you will incur a cancellation fee, equating to 5% of the order value including delivery to cover administrative costs incurred as a result of the transaction being made. You need to inform us on email or fax and we shall arrange for the order to be cancelled - / 01673 818046. Your monies will be refunded to you less the administration charge.

  3. What happens if I want to return my plants or products?

    If you have changed your mind: You must inform us within 7 days of receiving your goods. We do not accept plants unless returned within that 7 day period

    If you have changed your mind as to the suitability of the products or plants ordered, it is your responsibility to return such to us in a timely manner.  We will be more than happy to assist you in doing so in line with the Distance Selling Regulations where it is stated you have the right to return products within 7 working days of receipt providing the goods have not been used or removed from their original packaging.  Please contact us within 7 days of receiving yourgoodsand we can recommend methods of returning the goods. Should you wish to return plants then we must receive them back to us within that 7 day period. This is for plant welfare reasons and to enable us to re-sell the plants in a healthy state. 

    You are responsible for the costs associated with returning the items to us and please be advised that we cannot be responsible for parcels that are damaged or lost en-route to If the item has been damaged, used or is not returned in its original packaging, we reserve the right to withhold a percentage of the refund value.

     If it is as a result of an error being made by ourselves:

    We should be informed of any problems with your order within 7 days of receiving your goods. For those orders containing plants, we do not accept returns unless made within that 7 day period. This is for plant welfare reasons and to enable us to re-sell the plants in a healthy state.  

    Should you receive incorrect plants or products, or in the unlikely event that the plants that you receive appear to be unfit for purpose, we will replace the order either in its entirety, or in part, depending on your requirement. Alternatively we will make arrangements with you for the items to be returned at our expense and upon receipt will a make a full refund. No administrative charge will be retained from the refunded monies.