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Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

We teamed up with the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Campaign for School Gardening to help over 150 schools plant Five Free Trees to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Posted Thursday, 12th April 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Teaming-up with the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Campaign for School Gardening to offer schools Free Trees to plant in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee proved to be a great success.

We would like to thank the RHS Campaign for School Gardening for the opportunity to support them in this scheme. It has been a pleasure to be working alongside them and know we are playing a small part in contributing to them achieving their ambtion of encouraging schools to garden. The RHS Campaign website now has at least 15,000 members. If you are not already a member follow this link so that you can join up now.... they have so much to offer.

Our special Jubilee Tree Packs were only available to those registered with the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website, the final pack was sent out in March and that brought the number of trees despatched for planting under this scheme to over 800.

The scheme offered youngsters an exciting opportunity to plant their own trees at school, with the free pack of five trees consisting of Wild Cherry, Crab Apple, Silver Birch, Hornbeam and Field Maple saplings.

Delighted teachers and youngsters have been busy selecting the best areas within their school grounds and gardens to plant these saplings. 

We’re very much in favour of school gardens as they offer children the opportunity to grasp important concepts, such as where their food comes from, how organisms grow, and even responsibility and resilience. We hope that the trees planted will grow and prosper just as the pupils who helped plant them at their respective schools.

Lincolnshire School children dig in for the Jubilee

Posted Thursday, 12th April 2012

Pupils at two county primary schools made an early start on their Diamond Jubilee celebrations, by digging in and planting trees in honour of this special milestone.

Youngsters at Willoughton and Tealby primary schools, which work closely with each other, have planted special Wild Cherry trees in the school garden at Willoughton and on land alongside their playground in Tealby.

The schools have got their celebrations off to a flying start, thanks to a helping hand from

Director Zoe Henderson, whose son Oliver is being taught at Willoughton, decided it would be a great idea to donate trees for planting at both schools.

Children, between the ages four and 11 quickly got stuck into the planting sessions, with the help of their teachers, Mrs Henderson and Jim Emberton of J & O Landscaping.

Now they are looking forward to watching their jubilee trees grow as they progress through the schools.

FACT - Tree planting does everyone a favour because...

 Posted Tuesday, 10th January 2012 

Tree BenefitsTrees don’t just look good – they soak-up carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.

Every year thousands of trees are lost to weather extremes such as drought or heavy rainfall – so it is vital to “replace” them.

Others are removed to make way for new developments and some have to be removed because they are diseased – providing yet more good reasons to plant trees.

Britain is one of the least-wooded countries in Europe... can you believe that? The planting of new trees is at its lowest level for three decades.

Get closer to the trees

Posted Tuesday, 10th January 2012 

The Tree CouncilMake 2012 the year you make the most of the great outdoors and discover what is so wonderful about our fabulous woodlands.

Take your lead from The Tree Council and make the most of its month-long Walk in the Woods festival, which runs from May 1 to 31, a prime time to also enjoy Springtime flowers and listen out for your favourite birds.

The festival will offer everyone the chance to enjoy walks, talks and other events taking place in both towns, cities and in the countryside itself.

People are also encouraged to organise their own events and encourage more people on their patch to find out more about trees.

Keep up to date with what’s going on by visiting

The Woodland Trust

Posted Tuesday, 10th January 2012

The Woodland TrustThe Trust has urged people to make a New Year’s resolution to support the environment and help create habitats for our native birds and mammals, by planting a tree in a pot or in a garden.

It has also launched a massive campaign to encourage people to plant six million trees to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – in a drive to get a million extra trees planted in gardens, a move which promises to transform local communities. 

Director Zoe Henderson

Director Zoe Henderson with son Oliver planting a tree to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at Willoughton Primary School.
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