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Coming soon: Plant all year round with cell grown plants

Coming soon: Plant all year round with cell grown plants

We are currently working on introducing a range of cell grown plants to allow for year round planting.

Whilst we are key advocates of bareroot plants and the benefits that they provide (we’ve been selling bareroot trees and hedging as a nursery since 1989 and these bareroot plants have been the primary focus of our operation), the biggest restriction attached to them is that they can only be planted when the plants are dormant, normally between November and April.

Cell grown plants are plants that are grown in small containers referred to as cells – these cells contain compost into which seeds are sown.

The benefits of cell grown plants include:

  • All year round planting
  • Excellent survival rates
  • Root systems are protected by compost to prevent damage when planting
  • Uniformity allows for ease of planting, even by inexperienced planters
  • Plants will normally grow straightaway after planting