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Cell Grown Availability - Plant All Year Round

Cell Grown Availability - Plant All Year Round

Species Height
Prunus spinosa
Currently 40cm+
Cherry Plum
Prunus cerasifera 30-40cm
Common Alder
Alnus glutinosa 20-40cm
Common Dogwood
Cornus sanguinea 20-40cm
Common Osier Willow
Salix viminalis 20-40cm
Copper Beech
Fagus sylvatica purpurea 40-60cm
Dog Rose
Rosa canina 10-30cm
English Oak
Quercus robur 20-40cm
Field Maple
Acer campestre Currently 40cm+
Goat Willow
Salix caprea 15-30cm
Green Beech
Fagus sylvatica Currently 40cm+
Grey Willow
Salix cinerea 20-40cm
Guelder Rose
Viburnum opulus 20-40cm
Crataegus monogyna 30-40cm
Corylus avellana 20-40cm
Carpinus betulus 20-40cm
Red Oak
Quercus rubra 20-40cm
Sea Buckthorn
Hippophae rhamnoides 40-60cm
Sessile Oak
Quercus petraea 20-40cm
Small Leaved Lime
Tilia cordata 20-40cm
Euonymus europaeus 20-40cm
Sweet Chestnut
Castanea sativa 30-40cm
Acer pseudoplatanus Currently 40cm+
Viburnum lantana Currently 40cm+
Wild Cherry
Prunus avium Currently 40cm+
Taxus baccata 15-30cm

Buy & plant cell grown plants all year round

Cell grown plants can be purchased and planted all year round.

Cell grown plants are grown in small containers with compost. The benefit of this, aside from allowing for all year round planting, is that such a method gives the plants excellent survival rates.

As the root systems are protected by compost, damage to the plant is prevented when planting. The uniform size and shape of cell grown plants allows for ease of planting, even by inexperienced planters.